Cross-Cultural Understanding
In an international work or business environment, people from diverse backgrounds differ in the specific solutions they choose for universally shared issues. Underestimating the role of culture can heavily impact the quality of life of your employees. On the other hand, leveraging the benefits of diversity can put you ahead of your competitors and can improve the reputation of your organisation.

Cultural diversity expresses itself in viewpoints and values, in operational priorities and in ways of working and learning together. AfriDev Exchange's cross-cultural understanding consulting provides an organisation the competency it needs to leverage the benefits of working in different African cultural contexts, foster participation and open dialogue about complex cultural values that can result to win-win solutions for all parties.

Our partners can expect substantial and sustainable returns to come from personal and organisational growth, such as increased effectiveness of cross-cultural teams; avoidance of the loss and waste of relationships, energy, time and money; the transformation into a new transnational business culture operating at a higher level of synergy; and a greatly improved working climate and a stronger organisational reputation.

For managers, achieving cross-cultural competence is about you and your organisation. It is about your leadership, management and your people, individually and in groups. There is much to learn for everyone. Hence, a personal investment of time and effort is needed to internalise new ideas, attitudes and approaches.

Intercultural Skills Development Training
​We cover the complete spectrum from building cross-cultural awareness, developing cross-cultural competence, diversity and realising the business benefits of diverse viewpoints through to corporate social responsibility. We tailor our training to the specific requirements of our clients.

Team training
We cover the full spectrum from building multi-cultural teams, managing remote teams, high performing diverse and/or multi-cultural teams through to leadership/team development with charters of (effective) behaviours.

Corporate Training
We provide services at all levels, usually starting with the senior leadership and then cascading down the organisation. If our clients prefer, after working with the senior leadership, we provide Masterclasses for their own staff to cascade and embed the mindset throughout the organisation.

We address issues of culture in corporate identity, integration after mergers and acquisitions, vision and values, cultural due-diligence, through to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The Culture and Values Programme is a high-energy, activity-based, interactive workshop aimed at exploring the core values of an organisation along with the cultural differences and the diversity that lies therein. Grounded in the principles of experiential learning, this programme allows organisations to instil commitment to the key organisational values throughout the organisation. The necessity of strong corporate values that unify cultural differences and are inclusive of diversity is emphasised and participants are motivated to realise their own role in the ongoing development of the organisational culture.

The programme can be tailored to the specific needs and corporate values of your organisation. Your benefits – as a result of this approach, participants will have:

      An understanding of the organisation’s values and how they connect to the business vision, mission and

     Increased competence in dealing with culture and value differences in the work environment

     A shared understanding of how the corporate values are being lived within the local business

     An action plan which can be shared with management on how to remove any blocks/hindrances that may
     prevent the organization from living the values

     Increased individual commitment to living the organization’s values which can be linked to the performance
    appraisal process

AfriDev Exchange is an accredited consulting practice by the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA), Ireland. What this means is that AfriDev Exchange meets the strict certification requirements of IMCA which are based on world class standards of competence, ethics and independence set by International Council of Management Consultancy Institutes (ICMCI). AfriDev Exchange also adheres to the                           of the IMCA.

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