Strategic Planning Self-assessment exercise

Take this Strategic Planning Five Minute Needs Assessment.

Rate your organisation's performance with regard to the most critical elements of good Strategic Planning and Management by responding to the following 15 statements:

1 = Strongly Agree2 = Agree
3 = Disagree4 = Strongly Disagreee

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Top executives take formal responsibility for the organisation’s Strategic Planning.

Strategic Planning is a top priority activity that is performed on a regular basis.

Our organization consistently follows a defined set of procedures in our Strategic Planning process.

Our organization has written goals and objectives.

Our objectives are measurable and have associated action plans with a time frame and 
specific resource allocations.

Our organisation regularly assesses its operating environment including information about the sector

Our external analysis identifies key opportunities and threats.

Our organisation analyses its operations objectively.

Our internal analysis identifies the key strengths, weaknesses and competencies
 of the organisation.

After reviewing our internal and external analysis, the strategic diagnosis culminates in 
identifying key strategic issues.

Our organisation has a written strategy and makes strategic decisions based on the Strategic Plan.

Our organisation clearly assigns responsibility for action plan implementation and 
reconciles resource allocation and availability.

Our organisation reviews its strategic progress regularly and revises strategic decisions
 as appropriate.

Our organisation has aligned everyone in the organisation with our strategy.

We achieve at least 75% of our strategic objectives.

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