Deardorff  Intercultural Competence Model

Intercultural competence plays an increasingly important role in today’s multi-cultural working environment. 
But what does it mean to interact successfully with people from different cultures? This is the key question underlying the concept of intercultural competence in the Deardorff framework which focuses on personal traits and attitudes, knowledge and comprehension, communication skills and reference shift as the basis to effectiveness and appropriate intercultural competence and interaction with people from different cultures as follows:

Personality traits and attitudes: including respecting and valuing other cultures, openness and withholding judgements, curiosity and discovery (tolerance of ambiguity).

Knowledge and Comprehension: including awareness of one's own cultural preferences and sensitivity for cultural differences (i.e. others' world views and sociolinguistic awareness).

Communication skills: including listening, gestures, observing & evaluating, analysing, interpreting and relating, learning, and team competences.

Informed frame of reference shift: including adaptability, flexibility, ethnorelative view, empathy.

The Deardorff intercultural assessment instruments further developed and utilised by AfriDev Exchange serve to measure and analyse the above important characteristics. These tools help to provide an objective picture of an employee’s strengths, development potential and work preferences in the intercultural context etc. 

When to Use:
The Deardorff diagnostic instruments are designed, in particular, for employee selection as well as to identify the main areas in which employees require training.

Use During Recruitment
During recruitment, the Deardorff intercultural competence model can help employers select employees who are capable of coping most successfully with the challenges of an intercultural environment and international assignment or project.

Human resources development
AfriDev Exchange provides concrete advice on how organisations can develop their employees’ skills in order to prepare them for intercultural work as best as possible. We tailor all  intercultural trainings exactly to the needs of an organisation, its staff, and project.

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