Diversity is rapidly gaining ground as a business asset. The demand for new customer-focused products, the desire to reach global markets, and the need to tap a diverse workforce for talented employees drives this trend. Common differences among people can prevent even the most talented and dedicated employees from working together. Today, the success of nearly every business depends on overcoming generation gaps, gender bias and cultural misunderstandings. How can you effectively deal with these sensitive issues without reinforcing stereotypes and further alienating your diverse employees? AfriDev Exchange addresses such fundamental issues as change, communication, diversity at work, and conflict resolution. AfriDev Exchange's workplace diversity management trainings can help employees at all levels cope with cultural differences and master new skills for communicating more effectively across cultures. 

​Supporting & Guiding Businesses & Organisations to Create an Inclusive Environment:
AfriDev Exchange supports and guides businesses and organisations to create an environment where people can do their work and enjoy it.With a team of diverse and interdisciplinary professionals, and a global network of affiliate partners, AfriDev Exchange works with organisations and businesses which want to dramatically increase their productivity by creating more inclusive policies and procedures. 

Preparing & Advising Businesses & Organisations to Maximise the Benefits of Diversity:
Advising  and supporting Businesses and Organisations to effectively manage and maximise the benefits of
diversity in their workforce. This ranges from helping businesses and organisations to integrate an intercultural policy that reflects the diversity of personnel into overall human resource policy; providing mediation to address issues related to cultural shock, cultural misunderstanding etc. 

Our diversity management consulting and trainings have helped organisations and businesses to:

» Maximise the values of diversity and thrive in the global marketplace

» To build an organisation that values people from many backgrounds

» To encourage the skills and talents of their workforce

» To grow employees participation and involvement in the organisation

Business Consulting, market research, market entry strategies, development of vital contacts: AfriDev Exchange provides strategic consulting to businesses which are interested to tap the African market; to source products from Africa and/or to establish in Africa. Our consulting package include helping with market research, market penetration strategies, establishment of vital business contacts e.g. with relevant government departments, organising business meetings, visits etc.

Please email us on: info@afridevexchange.org for more information about our business consulting service.

AfriDev Exchange: Partnering with Businesses to help them maximise the benefits 
of diversity and to help them internationalise to Africa  ® 

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