The Describe-Analyze-Evaluate (DAE) Model

The DAE model is an engaging model which brings out several themes important in communication, generally, and intercultural relations specifically. We often respond to people or situations unfamiliar to us with our most subjective evaluations, projecting our judgements onto what we think we see (or hear or feel or otherwise perceive). In other words, our implicit response is often to evaluate - using words such as beautiful, exotic, impersonal, friendly, strange, and so on. 

This model encourages reversing the usual other of response,withholding one's first reaction,and in the process becoming more aware of how easily and unconsciously one may trespass into the realm of speculation and judgement,and how difficult it can be to limit one's comment to what can be described directly. 

The process suggested by this model is a critical step in cultural competence building ,since these three kinds of observation (describe, analyse, evaluate) are often not distinguished, and people react and speak from personal and cultural perspectives as if they were describing some objective truth. 

The DAE model helps to foster a more thoughtful, sensitive, and exploratory atmosphere for serious discussions of more complex intercultural topics. It invites greater attentiveness to what is presented and thus encourages people to observe things they had not immediately noticed, and to be aware of what they do not realise. Thus, through this model, a kind of modesty through self-awareness as well as objectivity may be encouraged.  The broader purpose of the DAE model is to guide people towards discernment when encountering the unfamiliar, including mindfully withholding judgement. In some ways, this is an abnormal act, as it appears our reactions can be judgemental even before we consciously realise what provokes that reaction.

AfriDev Exchange's Support:
Through consulting - training, couching, expedient and strategic support, AfriDev Exchange works with organisations to cultivate the DAE approach in addressing intercultural issues. We assist organisations to manage diversity and address intercultural issues by building management competency on the following:

Maintaining Objectivity

Cultivating self-awareness

Avoiding Misunderstandings

Frame shifting

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