Getting admission in universities in rich countries with high educational standard can be very daunting and frustrating to students in African. Acquiring the necessary travel visa (if admission is granted), and traveling and adapting to life in a new country can even be more frustrating and challenging for an unprepared student. This can cause a lot of anxiety and distress, and can also impose significant financial burden on the student and his/her family.  

AfriDev Exchange helps students and families in Africa to make informed decisions on studying abroad. We help students gain admission in prestigious universities and colleges in the top destination countries, depending on their choice. We also help admitted students acquire the necessary travel visas and prepare them to face the realities and challenges in the country of destination. We partner with top universities in top destination countries such as USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Europe to help them recruit talented students from Africa.

AfriDev Exchange is committed to improving access to quality education for students in Africa. 

Our Services to families and students include:

Providing students and their families information on study abroad opportunities/possibilities and assisting them to make decisions that suit choice, interest, preference and capabilities.

Assisting with admission process including advising on documentation, making application and follow up.

Assisting with visa application including providing advice and guidance on documentation, making application and follow up.

Providing pre-departure orientation/training to prepare students for the realities and challenges in the destination country.

Helping students with securing suitable and affordable accommodation in the country of destination, arranging airport pick-ups etc.

Welcoming students and providing them the information they need to adapt, settle and integrate - including information on immigration procedures, information on healthcare, information on community and voluntary organisations which can provide assistance to the student when need it etc. 

Our Services to partner universities & colleges include:

​Admission representation including marketing of courses, opportunities and services provided to international students by a partner.

Recruitment of talented students from Africa for admission by the partner.

Provision of assistance in the organisation of promotional activities as well as undertaking similar activities in the territory.

Undertaking market research and advising on business opportunities in the territory.

Developing market entry strategies.

Advising on costing and pricing policies.

Assisting in the production of draft contracts with other parties in the territory e.g. universities, governments etc.

Monitoring the performance of the contracted parties in the territory and submitting to any inspection or monitoring of performance of the third party by the partner or a representative of the partner.

Advising on local culture and assisting in the reproduction of printed and other materials.

Making arrangement and obtaining favourable rates on accommodation and travel within the territory for employees of a partner.

Core Values:

The following core values underpin our work with partners and students and families:

1. Social Justice: We believe that education can solve most, if not all, of the social problems the world faces today. As such, every child who has the potential should also have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential in education, irrespective of the child's background, race, or gender. We advocate for scholarship opportunities for talented students from underprivileged background. We also ensure that marginalised communities, such as women, avail the opportunities provided by our partners.

2. Human Right: We believe that being ambitious in life and setting dreams high is a human right. We're committed to supporting ambitious and talented students achieve their dreams by not only offering them what we have, but also bolstering their confidence and providing them choices and opportunities.

​3. Integrity: At AfriDev Exchange, we do not only value our clients and partners but are also driven by our passion to achieving the highest standards in the quality of outputs. Our interdisciplinary and diverse team have many years of experience in providing education counselling. We strive to be the most trustworthy, reliable and respected company that provides educational consultancy in the African market. We're committed to working with students, families, partners and immigration services with integrity.

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