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Whether it is in health, agriculture, community development, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, local development planning, neighbourhood regeneration, co-operative development etc. local knowledge can provide the strongest possible basis on which to develop initiatives, design interventions, produce action plans and, generally, foster improvements in local situations and cultural contexts. In Africa, many development interventions have failed to produce the intended improvement because they are designed by “outsider” experts who extracted data from people in very unsuitable ways and made decisions about what the people need without significant assistance or input from the people. 

AfriDev Exchange specialises in developing participatory learning and action (PLA)  research approach and methods that are appropriate and effective in conducting research with Africans,  in different cultural and social contexts. The approach we develop is people-centred, people-energised, action-oriented and can enhance participation irrespective of people's ability to communicate or their literacy level. Our approach is also designed to foster innovation that supports different phases of project development including:

® Framing: Involving the cardinal stakeholders in defining the problems and opportunities
® Ideating:  Asking the cardinal stakeholders to come up with ideas
® Pioritizing: Getting the input of the cardinal stakeholders on the most important solutions
® Deciding: Involving the cardinal stakeholders in selecting solutions
® Implementing: Creating structures for cardinal stakeholder to monitor solutions

We partner with organisations working with Africans and provide them PLA research and planning approach to: 

® Develop and Implement Strategies 
® Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes 
® Building and Develop Effective Teams 
® Development Networks
® Advocate for Policy Change

AfriDev Exchange Key Areas of Focus

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