Diversity Strategies
Diversity Strategies are institutional or organisational frameworks used by policy makers and/or development agencies to effect change, at a larger scale and in a sustainable manner, on issues affecting minority ethnic communities. Diverse groups of stakeholders are usually involved in the development  and implementation of Diversity Management Strategies - hence the process can be time consuming and requires enormous investment in time, effort and resources. It can also be complex and  requires effective coordination to generate buy-in from all the stakeholders.  

​Like all other strategies, the success of a diversity management strategy largely depends on the extent to which the actions have been implemented and the outcomes achieved. But the process involved in developing a strategy can also affect its implementation. A poorly developed strategy would not garner adequate support for its implementation, would end up in the shelves,  and would be a complete waste of valuable resources. On the other-hand, an inclusive and simple strategy developed using a bottom-up community development approach that does not only focus on task/results but also on the process and relationships can empower and energize the stakeholders involved and can instill ownership of the strategy. A strategy developed using this approach is likely to be implemented successfully.

AfriDev Exchange consultants have vast experience and competencies in developing and sustaining diversity management strategies. Whether it is a new strategy on its entirety, or it is a strategy to build on existing work, we can design and facilitate the process. 

AfriDev Exchnage approach on  data collection:
AfriDev Exchange does not have a tailored or "one size fits all" approach on all its projects. To us every project is unique and presents its unique challenges and learning opportunities - not only to the client or the stakeholders involved, but also to us.  We bring together  all our consultants to the drawing room to screen each assignment and develop an appropriate approach that best suits the assignment. We use a combination of different techniques, tools, processes and methodologies including Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), mind mapping, social analysis spiral, the funnel system,  matrix system, card sort, flexible brainstorming, participant’s observation, timelines etc. to collate and analyze data.

Click here to view some of the Diversity Management Strategies that we facilitated in developing for local Authorities in Ireland.

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