Project/Programme Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) are essential in establishing the effectiveness, impact, relevance, and importance of a project/programme. They must not be looked at as optional extra, but rather as an integral part of every project/programme. They can give the people involved in a a project/programme the opportunity to reflect on their aims and objectives, progress and difficulties in order to promote further development which ensure that the project/programme remains flexible, responsive and open to change. Evaluation can:

  Clarify, review and develop a project/programme's aims and objectives

  Identify progress towards the achievement of project/programme's aims

  Assess the effectiveness of the methods and approaches used in a project/programme

  Build rapport on a project/programme, encourage participation and empowerment

  Highlight difficulties

  Recommend changes

  Document the work carried out on a project/programme

  Increase the effectiveness and, maybe, decrease the emotional demands of innovative
  social action 

  Enable successful innovations to be repeated successfully without the trouble and trauma
  of learning all over again.

With the challenges facing non-profit organisations today and the need to provide value for money every responsive organisation must draw from its own internal learning and sectoral lessons that involves feedback, observation, records, research and most importantly reflections to create greater social impact. AfriDev Exchange  works with non-profit organisations, philanthropies and donors, as an external consultant, to help them monitor and evaluate social impact projects/programmes. 

Our Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation:
The process employed in conducting an evaluation is equally important as the outcome of the evaluation. At AfriDev Exchange, we do not provide a tailored "one size fits all" approach on all our assignments. To us every project/programme is unique with it's challenges and learning opportunities - not only to the client, but also to us. We facilitate different approaches employing a range of tools and techniques such as Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), to undertake activities in the following areas: 

  Collation of project/programme data

  Review of internal and external documents related to the project/programme 

  Establishment of the extent to which a project/programme has met its set targets

  Establishment of the extent to which a project/programme has achieved its overall

  Identification of the key achievements of a project/programme

  Identification of any obstacles and/or challenges

  Identification and documentation of key learnings

  Establishment of future needs of a project/programme

  Drafting of monitoring and evaluation report

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