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The environment in which non-profit organizations operate has become not only increasingly uncertain in recent years but also more tightly interconnected in a way that changes anywhere in the society reverberate unpredictably and often chaotically throughout the sector. This increased uncertainty and interconnectedness requires a four fold response from cooperatives and social enterprises organisations to avoid going burst. Firstly, these organisations must think, act and learn strategically as never before. Secondly, they must translate their insights into effective strategies to cope with their change circumstances. Thirdly, they must develop the rationales necessary to lay the groundwork for the adoption and implementation of their strategy and fourthly, they must build coalitions that are large and strong enough to adapt desirable strategies and protect them during implementation.

Strategic planning can help leaders and managers of non-profit organizations think, learn, and act strategically. It yet requires broad-scale effective information gathering, clarification of the mission to be pursued and issues to be addressed along the way, development and exploration of strategic alternatives, and an emphasis on the future implications of present decisions.

Strategic planning is vital for the sustainability of every organization, yet people find all sorts of reasons for not doing it. If there are new demands on the organization ( for example, pressure on resources, political or legislative changes) many try to respond immediately. This can lead to haphazard developments, wastage of energy, effort and resources, and conflict. Even when plans are developed, they are sometimes not implemented, or the impact of the plans not evaluated. 

AfriDev Exchange work with non-profit organizations to help them develop a well thought, realistic, simplified and implementable strategy. What is more interesting in our approach is our strategic planning process . We use a combination of different tools and techniques such as the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), Mind Mapping, Social Analysis Spiral etc. which are carefully adapted to enable us work with groups and ensure full participation and ownership of the process and the final product. We also help organizations to develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to enable them soulfully execute their strategic plan. Below are some benefits of a well thought, realistic, simplified and implementable strategic plan

Benefits of a Strategic Plan

1. Successful strategic planning improves the focus of an organization in that
  it generates:

  An explicit understanding of the organization's mission and organizational
  values among staff, board and external constituencies.

  A blueprint for action based on current information

  Broad milestones with which to monitor achievements and assess results

  Information that can be used to market the organization to the public and to
  potential funders.

2. Successful strategic planning improves the process of people working
  together in that it:

  Lays the groundwork for meaningful change by stimulating strategic thinking 
  and focusing on what is really important to the organization's long-term

  Fosters successful communications and teamwork among the board of  
  directors and staff

  Creates a forum for discussing why the organization exists and the shared 
  values that should influence decisions

  It brings everyone's attention back to what is most important, providing
  opportunity for everyone to better accomplish their assignments

AfriDev Exchange can also help your organization to develop a fundraising strategy that you can use to leverage funding to support your strategic plan.

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