AfriDev Exchange is an independent consulting firm that specialises in developing participatory approaches that help organisations to develop and implement inclusive strategies aimed at creating greater impact in people's lives, communities and beyond. 

Our Vision:
​AfriDev Exchange’s vision is to be the leading consulting firm that helps organisations to create transformative change.

We develop and facilitate world class participatory strategies that give people real power to effect change in the lives, communities and beyond, and that help solve the challenges of 21st century. AfriDev Exchange works to make organisational and business strategies more inclusive and participatory. We're  embarking on transforming the way strategies are developed and implemented to provide maximum benefits for everyone. 

Our mission is to make inclusive strategies accepted core values for organisations and businesses, and recognised as essential for solving 21st century challenges.

Our Core Values
1.Objectivity: In all our engagements, we offer independent, impartial and fresh viewpoint free of personal interest,
pre-conceptions or existing traditions and loyalties.

2.Honesty & Integrity: We believe that our sustainability and growth depends on how others view us. We strive to
satisfy our partners to the highest standard and refrain from encouraging unrealistic expectations.

Social & Environmental Justice: We are committed to developing and facilitating approaches that are inclusive, that are friendly to the environment, and that lead to the achievement of greater social impact. 

Engage with Passion: We're passionate about our work and we bring this passion with us when engaging with partners. We engage with consciousness and with due regard to partner's interest.

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